Twinrocker watercolor paper is made from 100% new cotton and/or linen fiber and is archival and acid free as well as being tub sized with gelatine. Made by hand, one sheet at a time, the same way paper was made centuries ago, it is aesthetically alive. Consequently, Twinrocker paper is a beautiful and exciting surface to paint and draw on.


Gelatine sizing prevents the paint from sinking into the paper, becoming dull. Instead, the paint remains at the surface, and the colors stay clear and bright. Each sheet is hand dipped in a tub of hot gelatine after the paper has been made and aged, repressed and loft dried.


Twinrocker watercolor paper is one of the whitest on the market, which permits the paint colors to remain true to their own manufacture. You'll also find that it is remarkably strong and reworkable, allowing the artist to lighten or remove paint. To distinguish Twinrocker Watercolor paper from other Twinrocker papers, each sheet is embossed with our logo in a corner.


Only handmade paper has four natural deckled edges which give the sheets a slightly irregular and beautiful edge. Twinrocker makes paper with two different styles of natural deckles. One is a "Traditional" deckle with a slightly rough edge. The other is a unique Twinrocker design called a "Feather" deckle, which is an exaggerated, decorative deckled edge which extends up to half an inch.


This paper has a slight surface texture and is the most popular. Cold Pressed paper is normally two-sided; one side of the sheet having a little more "tooth" or surface texture than the other side. This design offers two choices and allows you to better fit the paper surface to the image. The Twinrocker logo is embossed on the more heavily textured side of the sheet which is normally considered the front. Most artists do not stretch this cold pressed watercolor paper with tape or staples, as it doesn't buckle much when wet.


This is the smoothest surface. It is created by burnishing a Cold Pressed sheet between stainless steel plates under pressure. Sometimes this surface is called "plated" or "calendered."  Because a Cold Pressed sheet can be calendered to a Hot Pressed surface, we calender on request.  Any paper that is listed on our web site as Cold Pressed can be ordered Hot Pressed.  This additional treatment adds 10% to the cost of the paper.   You can also request one side of the paper CP coldpressed and the other side HP hotpressed (CP/HP) which will give you a choice of surfaces when you want to use it.


When an artist wants to paint on a rough surface, no machine-made paper can match the beauty of a handmade sheet. The naturally irregular surface pebble is created from the normal shrinking of paper in the drying loft, instead of being artificially embossed the way machine-made and mould-made papers are. The degree or size of the surface pebble in a handmade sheet is directly related to the thickness of the sheet. The thicker the paper, the larger the surface pebble and vice versa. Because the rough surface is created by natural shrinking, this paper will expand much more than the Cold Pressed paper when wet. Some artists damp and stretch Twinrocker's Rough watercolor paper before they paint, although some do not, including myself.


Because Twinrocker papers are handmade, they vary slightly in thickness.  However, most watercolor papers 22" x 30" and smaller are 140-200 lb or 400 g/m2, and 30" x 40" - 34" x 48" are 250 lb or 460 g/m2.


Twinrocker White Watercolor paper is made in many sizes, from 6 x 8" up to 34" x 48", including circles, squares, and long narrow shapes. Large sizes 30" x 40" and up are shipped in a large, custom made, crate which adds $35 plus actual shipping.  Because we can make any size, thickness, and shape, customers can also order custom sizes.


As we make paper and sell it, the current inventory is updated once a week on our web site. You can see the current inventory of all our papers including Watercolor paper with the size, thickness, surface, price and quantity available. watercolor paper ordering. If you wish, you can order on-line any time of day or night and on the weekend.  There is no minimum order.  If you want to ask questions or order by phone, just call 800-757-8946 M-F 9-5 Eastern Time.  There is free shipping in the "lower 48 states" on orders over $200.  An $18 packing and shipping charge is applied to orders under $200 for ground shipping.