"I'm painting almost exclusively on Twinrocker papers because of their forgiveness and ability to make changes.  Twinrocker watercolor papers allow paint to set on the surface longer, creating more opportunity for textures.  Also, I really enjoy the tinted watercolor papers for their ability to create a completely different mood."
Terry Armstrong
Warsaw, IN

“Dear Kathryn,

Thought I’d drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with your watercolor paper. The improvement in my work is immeasurable in large part due to the superb quality of your product. Your competitors’ paper appears to come complete with built-in impediments whose nature it is to obstruct rather than assist the painting process, making a hard job more difficult. Your paper does the reverse, it seems to enhance the desired effect. It was Stephen Scott Young that first recommended you to me. Just thought you’d like to know.”
Harry Rallo

“Thank you for the lovely 30 x 40" watercolor paper. I’m thrilled with it and could hardly sleep till I tried it. I have to tell you it’s the most beautiful paper, and I hope I’m equal to putting some good paintings on it.”
Vernon Nye, Fresno, CA

“Kathryn Clark has created a personal watercolor paper for me that responds with brilliance and life. Her sheets have the kind of character which can only be achieved through scientific exploration and the handmade paper process. I have come to rely on her as a collaborator in my work.”
William Matthews, Denver, CO

“Dear Ms. Clark:

What a great product you have! What a great page addition to the 1994 Dimensions of Excellence program book!  Starting with the samples you sent to Promotion Partners of other meaningful papers you have produce...to the drying of the hops on the floor of our very own draught R & D room...to the custom watermark...to the final paper, I have been extremely excited about the special paper you made for us.”
Judi Schwab, Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Dear Kathryn,

Jim just received the shipment of your new tinted watercolor papers.  His anticipation to put brush and paint to their surface is palpable!
As he says, “Twinrocker’s rough handmade paper has a surface of irregular or random “hills and valleys”, allowing the watercolor washes to settle in a varied and much more interesting pattern than the machine-made paper’s consistent texture which results in a mechanical appearance to the work. The brilliance, too, of the paper results in an intense, almost glowing, effect when using transparent paints.”
I’m certain that in addition to his unique talent, design and composition, your paper has been another subtle element that has netted his acceptance in such prestigious shows as Watercolor USA and his reputation as one of the finest painters in the region.
Jeannette Cantrell, Director
Bardstown Art Gallery
Bardstown, KY

Dear Twinrocker,

I had ordered several sheets of Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper from Daniel Smith, and when it came, I wasn’t sure how to use it.  Then I went on line and found your owner, Kathryn Clark. She promptly called me back and proceeded to provide easy step-by-step instructions that made me want to begin using it today and certainly order more from Daniel Smith.
Beyond just the information, Kathryn took time to answer some questions about a serious problem I’m having with my watercolor work. It was a completely new tip to me, and I have the feeling that my days and months of frustration may be over because of her. Please know that you have an excellent artist representing your company. No, I do not know Kathryn and have no professional or personal affiliation with her. I just think that too many times people complain about issues, but never extend acknowledgment when they receive excellent assistance,
Thank you,
Carol Reed Kennedy
Surprise, AZ