If you would like a private lesson to learn how to make paper at home, or as a teacher in the classroom, master papermaker Travis Becker will tailor a teaching session especially to your interest.  Call Twinrocker to discuss your interests and to arrange the format for your day.  Sessions can include cooking of fiber, beating pulp, coloring, sizing, sheet forming, pressing, drying, and setting up a home studio. You can make paper up to 18" x 24" and can learn how to create artistic imagery including pulp painting if desired. Photographs are permitted.

Teaching Hours: 9am to 4pm.
Price: $600 one day, $1000 two days.


Groups from 2 to 15 people, can schedule a private papermaking workshop at Twinrocker.  A master papermaker will lead the participants through the basics:  preparation of pulp with a Hollander beater, paper chemistry, coloring pulp, sizing, couching, pressing and drying.

1. “An Art Focused Workshop”: In this workshop, each person will have a hands-on experience of  forming sheets and applying artistic techniques such as pulp painting, embedding objects, and shaped paper.  Each participant will be able to make several decorated sheets or complete art works 8 ½" x 11" and take them home at the end of the day.
Price: $700

2. “A Book Arts Focused Workshop”: This workshop is for people who want to make a quantity of book weight paper and cover papers in order to make their own book at home or in school later.  Each person will make a quantity of tinted text weight paper 18" x 24" from cotton rag pulp and cover weight paper from abaca pulp.  That paper will remain at Twinrocker to be dried in our drying machine and then will be sent to the group.
Price: $900


Spend one or more days at Twinrocker making artistic images from paper pulp. This includes:

A. Artistic Consultation: To discuss the artist’s imagery before arriving at Twinrocker. This enables us to jointly decide the best technical approach and to determine the necessary pulp and supplies to be prepared in advance by the Twinrocker staff.  There is no limit to the amount of pulp or the number of art works the artist can produce.  A drying fee is charged for each art work according to the size.  Call for details and to schedule your session.

B. The artist, with the full-time technical assistance of Travis Becker, can create images with colored pulps with any technique, including pulp painting, in any size and shape up to 34" x 48".

C. Drying the completed art works is done after the artist leaves, and the work is then shipped to the artist. Work Hours: 9am.–5pm. Price: ½ the studio space $600, all the studio space $1000 per day.



For a lecture presentation that recreates the experience at Twinrocker, we recommend seeing “The Mark of the Maker”, a movie by Chicago film maker David McGowan, that has been transferred to VHS Video. The film shows all the beautiful movements and purpose behind the enduring methods of making paper by hand.  In the 30 min. video tape, Kathryn and Howard Clark discuss their pioneering efforts to revive the craft beginning in 1972 and the process of creating paper pulp and forming sheets. Paper is made to be used, so the video also describes the joy of writing beautiful calligraphy by Janet Lorence, painting watercolors by Jim Cantrell, and printing and binding limited edition letterpress books by Michael Gullick. After the video, Kathryn can answer questions and elaborate on aspects which particularly interest the group. For Watercolor Societies, she will also bring examples of watercolors which have been painted on white and tinted Twinrocker watercolor paper. She can also bring a selection of handmade papers for sale at 30% OFF the retaill price. $250 + travel, room & board.


Through slides, Kathryn Clark will share her knowledge of the craft of papermaking and discuss some of the collaborative projects we have created with other artists. Technical information can include plant fiber selection, fundamentals of paper chemistry, coloring, sizing, watermarking, sheet forming, couching, pressing and drying.  She can bring examples of her own art works using paper making techniques and collaborative, limited edition, letterpress, hand bound books, for display along with antique watermarks. Twinrocker papers can also be displayed and sold at 30% Off Retail.
Time: 1 ½ to 2 hours.  
Price: $400 + travel, room & board.


This is a combination of the above slide lecture followed by a hands-on workshop and demonstration. Included is traditional sheet forming and artistic techniques such as pulp painting, embedding, embossing, and creating shaped papers. The workhsop can be tailored to the interest of the group and is limited to 20 people. However, the slide lecture, which is usually in the evening before the workshop, can be attended by any number. If it is important for the hands-on experience to be viewed by a large group, it can be changed to a Demonstration rather than a workshop.  
Time: Lecture 1-2 hours.  Workshop 4-5 hours.
Price: $900 plus travel, room & board.


The first of a two-day session usually includes the slide lecture and workshop described above.  The second day can be a repeat of the first with a different group, or we can spend the second day describing advanced hands-on papermaking techniques. Please call, and we will create a program particularly suited to your group.
Price: 2 days $1400 + travel, room & board.