When a special project needs a unique paper, we use our years of experience to create the best possible sheet.  The client may specify size, shape, thickness, surface, color, watermarks, and just about anything else. Inclusions such as metallic threads, plant fibers or wool may be added to the paper for visual texture. You may want to choose a color from the large variety of colors we have created in the past, or we can make a new one especially for your project. For more information, call Travis Becker at 1-800-757-8946, or e-mail us at twinrocker@twinrocker.com.

Some of the FINE ART PUBLISHERS we have made custom papers for are:
Universal Limited Art Editions, Gemini G.E.L., Tyler Graphics, Landfall Press, Cirrus Editions, Louise Bourgeois, Two Palms Press, and Pressure Printing.

Some of the FINE BOOK PRESSES we have made paper for include:
Arion, Allen, Whitney Museum, Peter Koch, Janus, Perishable, Sherwin Beach, 21st Editions, Osiris, Yolla Bolly, Brighton, Arif, Kat Ran, Robert Baris, Peter Kruty, Dennis Marsico, Pennyroyal Caxton Press, and 21st Editions.

Some of the GRAPHIC DESIGN customers we have made paper for include:
Coca Cola, Toyota/Lexus, Armani, Budweiser, and Steelcase,